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John F Kennedy’s Warning →  May 31, 2009

Listen to this speech made by JFK before the American Newspaper Publishers Association where he warns the press about the secret societies that are the real power in global affairs. What a lot of people do not know is that it has been edited from it’s full original version to better focus on Kennedy’s portrayal […]

JFK: Who was Jack Ruby? →  May 31, 2009

Various newsclips following his arrest. Interview with the lawyers of Jack Ruby. One have had threats to his family members’ lifes. Tom Howard is interviewed several times. Outtake with DA Henry Wade. **Personally I do not see a truthful man here. He knew Ruby, and you can see it is evident IMO. Some statements by […]

Secret Service Stand Down for JFK →  May 31, 2009

Could it be any clearer? The video speaks for itself. Against all logic, the two Secret Service bodyguards closest to Kennedy were told to stand down. Minutes later Kennedy was shot. This footage was suppressed for many years after the assassination. The “conspiracy theorists” who believe Kennedy was murdered by a lone nut who was […]

Physically Addictive Foods →  May 31, 2009

Family of Secrets (35min) →  May 31, 2009

Russ Baker, the award-winning journalist and author of Family of Secrets, who will be with Alex in-studio, We don’t understand our country’s present and future because we don’t understand the past–even the very recent past. In trying to comprehend how the improbable world leader George W. Bush rose to the top and executed an array […]

First steps into Politics for Peter Schiff →  May 31, 2009

Peter Schiff speech at the Libertarian Party of Connecticut , His first steps into Politics

DeKa prosthetic arm can wield power tools →  May 31, 2009

Next week is VA Research Week, so this week officials from the Veterans Affairs Department were on Capitol Hill talking about past advances in medical technology and showing off some of their newest successes. The most grabbing one – literally – is the new DEKA arm, a cooperative project between the VA and the Defense […]

Suburban farming, an idea whose time has come →  May 31, 2009

People better start thinking about growing at least some of their own food. With food prices rising and shortages and food riots occurring globally, it is time to start becoming more self-sufficient, growing our food locally. Visit this website for inspiration on this topic

Religulous – Entire Movie →  May 31, 2009

Bill Maher interviews some of religion’s oddest adherents. Muslims, Jews and Christians of many kinds pass before his jaundiced eye. Maher goes to a Creationist Museum in Kentucky, which shows that dinosaurs and people lived at the same time 5000 years ago. He talks to truckers at a Truckers’ Chapel. (Sign outside: “Jesus loves you.”) […]

I expect to see civil unrest in the U.S →  May 30, 2009

02/25/2009 I expect to see social unrest, civil unrest in the United States a couple of years from now. Yes its changing the entire situation in the United States, the US is the largest debtor in the history of the world. There is a dramatic change taking place. The world`s century is moving from the […]