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Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food. (22min) →  February 19, 2010

Sharing powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, W. Va., TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver makes the case for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food. —————————————- Transcript ——————————————— Sadly, in the next 18 minutes when I do our chat, four Americans that are alive will be dead from the food that they eat. My […]

TheAntiTerrorist on Poisons for Profit (33min) →  February 13, 2010

Your poison of choice? TheAntiTerrorist 2010 Poison for profit info pack http://www.theantiterrorist.co.uk/P4P… Metal Corrosion caused by Fused Sodium Fluoride/Uranium Tetrafluoride Eutectic http://tinyurl.com/yh4tnmh Thanks to http://www.youtube.com/user/AnabolicM…for the link Fluoridation by country http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluorida… Professional Perspectives: Fluoride in Tap Water http://tinyurl.com/7tkqrr The Fluoride Deception http://tinyurl.com/cenwxr http://www.fluoridealert.org http://americanfraud.com/arthurhayes…. http://people.forbes.com/profile/arth… ASPARTAME INTERACTS WITH ALL DRUGS, VACCINES AND TOXINS http://tinyurl.com/y92dc9j The link […]

The Hazards of Sugar (86min) →  January 3, 2010

American Heart Association highlights hazards of consuming sugar, including fructose I recently mentioned in a blog that I’d tidied up my diet a bit (in conjunction with some mindful eating). Part of the ‘tidying up a bit’ meant taking out ALL foods with added sugar from my diet. I don’t consume much added sugar habitually, […]

Healthier School Lunches (20min) →  June 12, 2009

Speaking at the 2007 EG conference, “renegade lunch lady” Ann Cooper talks about the coming revolution in the way kids eat at school — local, sustainable, seasonal and even educational food. My thing with school lunch is, it’s a social justice issue. I’m the Director of Nutrition Services for the Berkeley Unified School District. I […]

The Future of Food →  June 1, 2009

There is a revolution happening in the farm fields and on the dinner tables of America — a revolution that is transforming the very nature of the food we eat. THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery […]

Physically Addictive Foods →  May 31, 2009