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Real Estate Time Bomb →  July 17, 2009

What We learned will have devastating ramification for the real estate marketing and in turn the entire financial and stock market and the broader economy as a whole. If true…our real estate fate is seal. There will be more housing and real estate foreclosure carnage ahead. The road is long. Prepare yourself and protect your […]

Record Foreclosures →  July 17, 2009

1.5 Million foreclosures since June 2009, an increase of 15% since June 2008. Realtytrac SVP Rick Sharga on the latest foreclosure report. Foreclosure filings reach a record in the first half of this year. (Bloomberg News) Analysis and Discussion with Rich Sharga of RealityTrac

Housing Collapse of 2010 Will Be Worse Than 2008 →  July 13, 2009

60 Minutes special. Get out of Dollars and the US Stock Market. There is going to be a run on the dollar soon as China becomes a net seller of treasuries instead of a net buyer like they are currently. They just announced a 600b bailout of their own, how do you think they will […]

Tent Cities USA (Obama-Bushvilles) →  July 13, 2009

Ontario CA, location of one of many tent cities popping up Here are some videos of a tent city / shanty town that has popped up in the suburbs of Southern California. I’ve never seen anything like this in America since the great depression. At first it seems as though many of the residents had […]