Long Term food storage & Results (43min)

June 3rd, 201012:13 am @


Robert Henry from The Survival Report does a great series of videos that will show you how to pack and store your food for long term periods. I have included the video where he shows how to seal the mylar bags that you will need to pack your food in and also he goes through some results of his packed away foods from the mid 90s.

These videos give you all the information you need to know if you want to start storing food.

Here are links to where you can get Mylar bags, i find that you can get these cheap on ebay.

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Here you can find oxygen absorbers. I suggest getting 2 oxygen absorbers per bag so that you can make sure you get all of tyhe oxygen out of the bag.

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For buckets…. ebay ends up being too expensive due to shipping cost, if you dont have a donut shop where you can pick up some of these buckets for cheap just head over to your local Home Depot or Lowes hardware and buy some buckets from there. Beware that the lids for those buckets are very thin and are prone to cracking if you put a lot of wait on it.